CAT-Calls: What They Say

Here’ some feedback I’ve had from clients and professional colleagues…


“Paul is, in my book, one of the most delightfully provocative thinkers in enterprise, mainly because he fuses creative insight from the arts world with solid wisdom in the business world.”

Professor Angus Jenkinson, author of From Stress to Serenity

“If you want to stretch your mind and challenge everything that you believe to be normal before spinning it around to make your business and the world a better, higher performing and winning place you are talking to the right man. He will help you think and then think differently and then think again.”

Christopher Vaughan, Market Director Local Government at Capita Consulting


“Paul is a rare and truly original thinker. The combination of his curiosity, intelligence and insight guarantees that every time you work with him you will get something new, surprising and valuable. And it will probably be fun too…”

Mark Trezona, MD & Head of New Partnerships, BridgeBuilders STG Limited

“Paul is a real life entrepreneur and an expert on all subjects worth talking about.”

Chair of the North Laine Traders, Brighton, UK

“Paul Levy is by far the most perceptive, spontaneous and insightful facilitator I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  His ability to see deeply into a problem is second to none.  He always has inventive, creative ways of looking at things and can help lead an individual or a group to finding their own solutions with artful rapidity.  I wholeheartedly convey my highest recommendation of this man without any fear of fallout because Paul’s focus and deep seated integrity will never fail to produce the best results that could be hoped for in any given situation… and then some probably.”

Ian Powell, founder of New Paradigm Education

“Paul worked with my team over a period of several years. He ran strategic planning days, 1-2-1’s and sessions designed to fit our specific needs. These were always thoughtful and real; not your standard off – the-peg workshops. Flexible and intelligent, mindful and aware, trickster and prankster with a sharp business edge, Paul always gave us what we needed, even if we didn’t know it at the time.”
Sue Bradley, Director, Creative Partnerships Hampshire

“I would never have become a performer if it wasn’t for Paul Levy! I went, a lost soul, to his drama group back in the 80s because I wanted to gain confidence and find out who I was – it unwittingly put me on the path of performing, and he has continued to support and encourage my creative endeavours ever since.With his own personal brand of tough love, intuition and insight, Paul knows how to bring out the best in people. A rare bird. Every town should have a Paul Levy. He represents freedom itself.”

Yvo Luna, acclaimed poet and performer

“Paul is an insightful, warm-hearted and highly intelligent coach, facilitator and producer of events. Paul has a natural gift for developing teams and online communities.”

Nick Brice, founder of award-winning White Room Theatre

“Paul is unafraid to ask the awkward questions. The questions that need to be asked if progress is going to be made. Think of him as colonic irrigation for organisations.”

Ray Richards, founder of Do Something Different

“…thanks for all your energy and thoughtfulness during the workshop this weekend. 2nd day in the office – so far so good !”

Heinemann Publishers, Athens

“I have known Paul for over 10 years, and I. Have always found him to be an impeccable searcher , a courageous questioner and a generous friend. He is the real deal!”

Chris Tero, musician and director at Small Earth

“It was an excellent presentation, and judging by the workshop evaluation forms… everyone found it very beneficial.”

Marie Curie Cancer Care

“I am very impressed with your workshop… I think you did a splendid job. I am pleased to inform you that most of the audience thought that the workshop was excellent and rated you Very Good to Excellent.”

Asia Business Forum, Singapore

“Many thanks for your excellent contribution… The feedback at the end was excellent reflecting both the planning and the quality of the work you put in.”

Kings Fund

“I’m glad to tell you that the team building course was the one that the participants appreciated the most. They had very high regards for (the facilitators) and their competence as trainers. People also thought that they learnt a lot of things they could put into practice in their daily work.”

Director, Ericsson

“I know that the extent of my development and learning from the Change Management programme was in no small way down to you.”

Senior Manager, Insurance Industry

“One of the best teaching sessions I have ever seen…”

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate

“Many, many thanks for your inimitable style and seeming case of facilitation. “

Health Service Director, Ireland

“We very much appreciated your input and ideas which will help our staff to think more strategically. For those of us who are quite experienced at such conferences to have two novelties was quite refreshing.”

Chair, London Probation Board

“Thank you for the marvellous day on Monday 29th. All the feedback I have has been very positive and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.”

Chief Executive, Broads Authority

“Paul Levy is that rare breed – an academic with the knack for making things happen. He sees through his ideas with drive and gusto, yet he is always considerate and helpful. Fringe Review is now a huge outfit, covering in depth virtually every fringe festival in Europe and beyond. For any other man it would be a full-time job – but for Paul it is a hobby. That should give you some measure of his energy and dedication to an idea. Long may he keep it up!”

Brian Mitchell, writer for television and director of The Foundry Group

“Paul cannot be pigeonholed. He has been associated with University of Brighton for as long as I’ve known him (some 20 years), but I never think of him as an academic. He works with organisations as an independent practitioner, but I’d never call him a consultant. He has founded all manner of ventures—CATS3000, FringeReview, Critical Incident, Rational Madness—but doesn’t fit the mould of entrepreneur. He creates great websites, often overnight, but he’s not a web developer. Most consultants base their work on other people’s creations, but Paul invents his own organisational models, theories and approaches. His Collusion of Mediocrity concept should be taught on every MBA programme. Paul is the epitome of ‘ebullient’: relentlessly upbeat, despite personal challenges that would defeat a lesser person; confident but never arrogant. He is generous, funny, sometimes annoying, ever forgiving, and a great friend.”

Jack Martin Leith, Conference Innovation Consultant

“I have attended a number of Paul’s workshops which covered a broad spectrum of topics, and can genuinely say I gained a lot of tools which I still periodically and regularly use in my work life. The way he puts things across are in an easily understandable and enjoyable way, which helped the info to stick.  His non-judgemental yet challenging approach is refreshing and today’s world.”

Andrew Baillie, Logistics Executive

“Paul is a marvellous man, a constant man with constant ideals, and one of the most intelligent men I know. He transforms everything he touches.”
Chris Hislop, Theatre Director and Writer


Paul is a great communicator and facilitator.  He is a visionary with his feet on the ground.  He is not afraid to think unconventional thoughts and work through their implications.  When Paul is around good things happen.”

Tom Bourner, Author of “Workshops That Work”

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