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This is the CATS3000  gateway to the people we are delighted and proud  to know, to work with, and to warmly recommend for their skills, their spirit, and their genius.

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“For more than 25 years I have worked as a facilitator, business consultant and leadership coach. I have worked alongside many entrepreneurs, business owners and MDs.

I have worked with very large companies – for a US Fortune 50 company, now part of HP, and with several FTSE 100 companies. I worked for the BBC and helped them and other near-public sector organisations make the move into the digital world, to industry acclaim.

“I have also worked at the other end of the scale, with SMEs: I was chair of social media business NixonMcInnes while it enjoyed rapid growth in a brand new market. I set up an innovative network for SME owners. And I have worked in and with several innovative digital startups, including my own.”

Three gems: integrity, wisdom, collusiin-breaker



Finn Kollerup

Finn is the founder and mover and shaker at Alt4Kreativ, based in Denmark. Finn is one of the world’s definers of creativity, exhorting us all to “go where the energy is”. Finn has been at the forefront of energising the creative urge of individuals and organisations for many years. He doesn’t just write books, he brings them to life in real. He invents games, and he can help a demotivated team generate a few thousand ideas and light a creative fire under the dampest of business problems. Finn’s energy is authentically positive. His approaches are powerful medicines and tonics for organisations and communities wishing to unstick, move forward and enjoy the processes of creativity and innovation. We’ve worked with Finn on a number of projects, including, GN Netcom, Colopast and Novozymes in Denmark, as well as Critical Incident in the UK.

Three Gems: Authentically positive, lights the creative fire, space creator


David Knowles

David spent many years as a manager at Gillette and learned the art of change management as well as keeping a rather big manufacturing show on the road. He did some fascinating research into myths in organisations which is where I first met him. A myth can take a breath to make and six years to break, according to this mild-mannered, very practical agent of change. If you book an appointment with David, and take time to spell out a problem (He is a rare, wonderful listener), you might find yourself being offered a hard, practical look at your business’s profit an loss account, a dost of Action Learning, or even a session of meditation followed by some Reiki (David is one of the most down to earth, and authentic, natural healers I know). David is interested in helping people and organisations out of states of “dis-ease” using a range of grounded approaches, in a deceptively quiet, but actually very telling and effective way.

Three Gems: Grounded, yet able to help you fly, no-nonsense common sense, a champion listener


Jack Martin Leith

Jack is a practical sorcerer. He is always gathering new substances, forces and ingredients to cast ever more effective spells that create innovation magic. Jack is another person I am proud to know for his willingness to regularly recast himself and the world around him, always aimed at the authentic new. Newness often involves the painful process of shedding old skins, but Jack walks his talk and redrafts himself with the passion and artistry of the great painters and sculptors. Jack is an exemplar of collaboration, taking us from now to new, on expeditions that can take a day, and yet can have all the richness and excitement, learning and challenge of a safari through personal and organisational jungles. Jack’s a world pioneer of Open Space 2.0 and beyond, a man who lives for a living, there’s nothing facile about his facilitation, a prolific maker-upper of ideas and approaches, processes and methods that help create futures in the now. I’ve worked with and dialogued with Jack for many centuries; he’s inspiring, a sharer and, most of all, an innovation Samurai.

Three Gems: An alchemist of the new, real innovation, new canvases






Rob Warwick

Rob Warwick is a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at the University of Chichester. He’s a wise and reflective man, who is also co-author of the Book, Leading Mindfully. His areas of interest include: Organisational change, organisational policy, strategic analysis, working with ambiguity to find practical solutions, workshop facilitation, writing, organisational research.

Three Gems: Reflective, Noticer, Conscious


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