Change Management Zone

Over the years I have been involved in a lot of change management programmes, discussions and events.  co-authored a workbook on managing change and led programmes all over the world. In recent years my change management work has focused on why change fails and how to ensure a change management programme actually leads to authentic change. Here you will find some of my writings, resources and links to what I believe to be the most significant ideas and approaches in this field.

Personal Change (A-Z)

Creative Approaches to Personal Change – an active article

Freedom in Feeling – a deep and practical approach

Organisational and Business Change (A-Z)

Brick in the Pond – Conversations on facilitation and change

A cartoon about change. Here’s another. And one more.

Cemetery – a theatre scene exploring the dangers of change management

The Change Book – a disturbing theatre scene about change

Change and Resistance to Change – a usable and practical model about three alternative approaches

Change Jargon – my dictionary of business bollox and baloney

Change Workshop Activities – good and bad features

Collusion:  Levels of Collusion – a startling approach to change management and why it rarely succeeds

Collusion – a short theatre scene about cynicism about change (good discussion material for a workshop)

DAWAW panels – a technique for evaluating change projects

Facipulation – the background – a gritty view of change facilitation

The Failure of Imagination –  a startling perspective on change

Future Vision – a short article

Gaze and Process Gestures – a ground-breaking look at technological change and innovation (from my book “Technosophy)

New Directions in Change ( from my book “Technosophy”)

Overcoming Resistance to Change – a simple but useful model

Three tests for change– a useful and different model

What is an organisation? – an interesting perspective

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