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Welcome to the realm for Conscious Business.

This is a new and emerging part of the CATS3000 web site. Here you will find the developing Conscious Business Audit as well as resources in the field of conscious business. I hope you find it useful.

“Conscious Business is the delivery of products and services for economic return and social benefit.” Paul Levy

Conscious Business Philosophy and Research

Advocacy and Enquiry – a first look  at a radical new approach to doing business consciously

Definitions of Conscious Business – My attempt at a helpful overview

An Emerging Conscious Business Audit – Our current model and draft of an audit process to assess how conscious your organisation is (and here’s an early drawing of the model)

Beyond Hierarchy – A video talk on how Conscious Business is a genuine alternative to hierarchy

A Sustainability Perspective – The link between sustainability and conscious business

Conscious Business: Hmmm... – An article exploring the label, “conscious business”

Conscious Business – The Pyper Calls the Tune. Jamie Pyper on conscious business

Conscious Business and Social Responsibility – A broader, revealing view

Conscious Business Sleep States – Are conscious businesses more “awake”?

Dimensions of Business Consciousness – Practically unpacking the definition

Exploring Motive Consciousness – A look at what drives conscious businesses

Key Links into the Field of Conscious Business

My Own Definition of Conscious Business

Quotes – some essential views from writers, thinkers and practitioners in the realm of conscious business

Toxic Business Consciousness – a look at poisonous and highly conscious business

What Makes a Conscious Business Culture? – a detailed look at cultural aspects of conscious business

Conscious Leadership 

Conscious Business Leadership – Characteristics of a conscious business leader

Conscious Leadership – Some early thoughts

Senior Management Briefing – a radical look at the role of senior management in a Conscious Business

Conscious Small Business

Conscious Small Business – A description and check list

Ego and the Small Business – How the leader can be the block

Mission-Driven business – a first look

The Conscious Cafe – How asking questions can make a business more conscious

Conscious Business Practice

1001 Ways to Make your Business More Conscious – A growing list of tips

Conscious Business Wheel – A little self-assessment tool

The Dangers of Being in a Conversation with Ourselves – a perspective on conscious business and self-talk.

The Integrity Conversation – A Conscious Process for making Structures Work

Twenty Features of a Conscious Public Organisation – a checklist applying conscious business in the public sector

Why Conscious Businesses Aren’t Interested in Selling – a video talk that suggests Conscious Businesses move beyond selling.

Audiocasts Audiocast 1: What is a conscious business really?

Paul Levy and Jamie Pyper from Conscious Business People in gritty conversation at the Nordic Coffee Collective in Brighton, UK, Feb 2014

Listen and Download here (right click on the player and save): Paul Levy and Jamie Pyper on Conscious Business Feb 2014 (1) 

Conscious Business Services

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