Breathe life and purpose into your meeting, conference or event



“What is quicker than light? Conversation!” Goethe

“For over twenty years I have been conversifying meetings and conferences. I help design and re-design events that are rooted in interaction, in vibrant and energised interchange of thoughts, feelings and actions. I ignite conversation with the minimum fuss. Simple is better. Less is more. One less thing to do is one more thing to achieve.” Paul Levy

Are you organising a conference, a workshop, a meeting or other event?

Would you like help making it far more than just Death by PowerPoint and staged Q&A?

Are your meeting agendas borifying your meetings?

Then it’s time to conversify.

Essential Links

What is Conversifying?

Get in touch.

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Five examples of Conversifying in Action

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The Open Space Realm

The Real Art of Flip Charting how we conversify flip charting

The Unconference Realm (Resources on self-organised meetings and conferences)

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