Facilitation Zone


I’ve been a facilitator for over twenty-five years, all over the world, in organisations large and small, public and private. Here are some of my thoughts and reflections in the real of facilitating change and transformation – personal, organisational and societal.

Views of Facilitation and Consultancy

NEW! The Humility (Or Not) of Facilitation – the paradox of humility and the ego in facilitation

Bloody Obvious Approaches to Management – a look at obviousness and collusive facilitation and training

Brainstorming – a critique.

Coaching and Mentoring: What’s the difference? – my personal take on this question

Facipulation – a first mention – A short description of “manipulative facilitation”. (See also the background article on this)

For or Against Consultancy? – a wry look at consultancy

How do you identify a bad facilitator before you hire them ? – tips and a view

Ice-breakers or ice-makers? – Questioning the need for, and value of ice-breakers

Leadership in the Catacombs – an ill-at-ease facilitator speaks out

Precious workshoppers – a demonic view of self-centred facipulators

Public speaker or cult leader? – a check list for speakers to not be cultish

The Real Art of Flip Charting – a practical look at how to use a flip chart properly.

Real Training – Real Facilitation – a viewpoint on authentic training and facilitation

Sleeping on Decisions – a group decision-making process

The Tools Barrier – why don’t tools and techniques stick or embed in organisations?

Trainer responses – four archetypal responses by trainers to their clients

The True Power of the Peaceful Warrior – a short,  lyrical look at change and leadership

Activities for Facilitators

The Backwards  Review – a way of reflecting

I-ness – an activity exploring service orientation

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