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Welcome to the CATS3000 Innovation Realm.

I’ve been a researcher at the Centre for Research in Innovation Management (CENTRIM) for over twenty-five years. CENTRIM has been fascinated with how innovation happens and how it can be created, supported and managed.

Here you can find my own writings and resources for leaders an d facilitators of innovation.

Back in the 1990s I co-authored a book called Technosophy, and many of the ideas are drawn from that.


Gazing, Process Gestures and Innovation – a very unique “natural” approach to innovation

DAWWAW Panels – a tool for approving and scrutinising innovation

Ideas that are Too Bright For Their Own Good – a look a devil’s advocacy

New Directions in Innovation

New Directions in Innovation 1 – Moving Away from Tools Towards Processes

New Directions in Innovation 2 – Innovation as Artistic Criticism Using ‘Critiques’/Crits

New Directions in Innovation 3 – Storytelling and Myth Making

New Directions in Innovation 4 – Large Group Interventions

New Directions in Innovation 5: Process Gestures

New Directions in Innovation 6 – Involutionary Change

New Directions in Innovation 7 – Childlike Perspectives on Change and Innovation

New Directions in Innovation 8 – The Holographic Structure

New Directions in Innovation 9 – Emotional Intelligence and Innovation

Papers and Articles

Product and Process Innovation in Small and Medium Sized Firms, using Action Learning – a conference paper

Observation Skills Resources

Innovation and Process Thinking

photo (8)

Each of the following looks at processes, change and innovation, drawing on nature. They provide a very unique and different way to look at innovation and change. Each has an observation, an explanation, a story and most have an activity. Read them in order and you’ll also get a metaphorical walk by the sea!

Influencing Processes

Process Attention

Process Noise

Process Attachment

Process Stability

Process Patterns

Process Change

Process Proximity

Large Process Forces

Small and Large Process Change

Harmonious and Discordant Processes

Process Revealing

Process Effect

Process Reflection

Process Direction


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