Leading in a Digital Age – Draft Programme Timetable







Day 1 – 11th January 2018

The aim of Day 1 is to start broadly and lay some theoretical foundations. We’ll ensure our definitions are correct and clear, explore the history of digital leadership and the digital world more broadly, focus on some of the core skills of digital leadership, and the key notion of developing a digital ethos

10.30am – 11am Welcome and Introduction

Exploring the aims of the workshop

Participant key questions and aims

Introduction to the workshop facilitator

11am-1pm – Session 1 The Digital Leadership Overview

(Coffee on the go)

Laying the foundations for digital leadership: How is leadership changing in the digital age?

What does ‘digital’ actually mean? (The history of the digital age)

What is a ‘digital mind-set’ and do I need to develop one?

How has the digital ages developed, evolved and matured?

Guest speaker

1pm – 2pm LUNCH

2pm – 3pm Session 2 The Core Skill Set for the Digital Age

Leading by example and vision

Developing Digital Placement

3pm – 3.15pm Tea

3.15pm – 4.30pm Session 3 Becoming a Leader of Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Innovations: the arrival and future of the net connected Economy

From Place to Space: Brick-and-Mortar Models vs. Click-and-Mortar Models (The Internet of Place)

Who controls the content? On the Logic and Ethos of Social Media

Developing a digital ethos for your  organisation

4.30pm – 5pm Reflection and Overview

Key learning and deflection from Day 1

Questions and Discussion

What are we restless about?

5pm Close of Day 1


Day 2 – 12th January 2018

The aim of the second day is to dive more deeply into the digital realm, looking at the rise of new business models and approaches to leadership and management in the digital age. Working with real examples we will also experience different approaches to leadership, focusing on new cultural challenges such as the rise of the frolleague culture and millennials. We’ll round off the day with a practical look at the tools available to digital leaders.

9.30am – 10am Overview of Day 2 and Assignment

Aims for the second day

A first look at the assignment

Guest speaker

10.30am – 11.45am – Session 1 Digital Leadership Deep Dive 1

A deeper look at emerging and new models of digital leadership

Leaders as knowledge facilitators

The rise of horizontal trust and new organisational models

Leading by example and the decline of vertical control

The rise of the conversation culture; millennials and frolleagues

11.45am Coffee

12pm – 1pm Session 2 Digital Leadership Deep Dive 2

A live digital leadership case study

A practical exploration of how an organisation transforms towards digital

1pm – 2pm LUNCH

2pm – 3pm Session 2 Practising the skills of digital leadership 1

A live case study

A hands-on session using practical exercises in digital leadership

Using our tools and gadgets consciously and wisely


3.30pm – 3.45pm Tea

3.45pm – 4.30-pm Practicing the skills of digital leadership 2

The leadership blog – writing your first blog or making a leadership V Log

Using Collaboration platforms

Working with Big Data, Augmented and Virtual reality

The Internet of Things and Place

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Meeting and Making Decisions Virtually

The Great Cybersecurity Leadership[ Challenge

4.30pm -5pm Reflection and Overview

Learning and Reflections for the Day

Remaining Questions and Discussion

Check in with the Assignment

5pm Close of Day 2


Day 3 – 13th January 2018

The final morning pays attention to your and your personal and professional development as a leader in the digital age. We’ll also look one final time at the future that is coming to meet us, develop a leadership agenda to take away from the workshop

9.30am – 10am Overview and Look ahead beyond the workshop

10am – 12.30pm Session 1 Developing your Development Plan

Setting a development plan for you as a digital leader

How digital leadership is going to change in the near future

Futuring, forecasting and scenario planning in a chaotic and changing world

(with coffee on the go)

12.30-1pm – Final reflection and look ahead

1pm Workshop Close