Personal Development Zone

Welcome to the CATS3000 Personal Development Zone. Here you will find my writings and reflections on life, relationships, biography, spirituality and philosophy. I also write about the virtual world of gadgets, smartphones and the digital work place here at Digital Inferno.

Personal Development Writings

Barney and Fred talk about change – a useful little dialogue

Burying Your Head in the Clouds – a look at the need to be grounded

Convictions and Accusations – a short essay on blame and responsibility

Creative Approaches to Personal Change – an article written as a kind of conversation, aimed at helping you if you are blocked

The Dangers of Compulsive Light-heartedness – What happens when we hide behind humour?

Diana Mark 2 – the dangers of socially functional illness

Emperorial Nonesense – a brief look at projection

Freedom in Feeling – an essay on how to see with the heart and find freedom

The Golden Value of Confusion – why it is essential to design and creativity

A Good Stinker of a Cold –  a personal experience of why we shouldn’t avoid really being here

How to Screw Up your Life – satirical and relevant look at climbing out of confusion

How Unleashing Your Potential Might Just Turn You Into An Asshole – an uncomfortable story about buzz-word change

How Wretchedly Content Are You? – a life changing questionnaire

A Mouse’s Guide to Personal Happiness – fun and useful take on happiness

On Angry Anger – a little peek at anger

On Trust – an essay about trust and mistrust

A Perspective on Friendship – a short essay

Plundering Language in the Name of Performance – how superlatives sabotage and  limit our personal development

Poisoning the Well – how people rubbish each other and what to do about it

The Problem of Strategies – the dangers of being too calculating

Reclaiming your Christmas – getting it back from cliche

The Opportunity that Technology Steals from Us – An audio talk about how technology can rob us of our development

The True Power of the Peaceful Warrior – a look at calm in the face of anger

Unblocking Yourself – a guide

Under the Sun – a dark view of a person

Wretched Contentment –  a startling look at real happiness

The Youngness of Getting old Amongst an Ageing Youth – coping as a parent of generation Y kids


Anthroposophy – Defined – my favourite path of knowledge

The Application of Gaze and Process Gesture to Technological Process Innovation – an article, also relevant for personal life

Creativity and Creativeness – the difference

Destructive Criticism – and its impact

Egregores – an overview. A rather unique look at how we demonise each other

Falling into Foolishness –  a path back to satisfaction and contentment

Flow and Stumble –  a lyrical and short, but radical look at creative flow

Evollusion – Defined – I’ll be writing more on this but here is a first definition

The Failure of Imagination – Defined – this is a first look at this idea, and it isn’t easy reading.

The Illogic of Genericism – how generalisation can be destructive

The Inner and Outer Beauty of Mediocrity – sometimes struggle is essential and beautiful

Involutionary Process Thinking – a very different look at evolution and involvement

Is it Possible to Know Another Online? – a view of online connection

New Directions in Change – from my book Technosophy

Philosophy on the Edge – A Guide for Younger People

Process Transposition – a radical view of processes in life and work

Proof that Santa Exists – tongue-in-cheek philosophical proof that the man in the red soot is really here.

Is there a way to make THIS Christmas uniquely terrific for you?  – even grown ups need Christmas

Social Vampires – an almost poetic, short rantette on social vampirism, on “Neediness”

The Who Blew the Wind Phenomenon – a study of blame, the dumbness of crowds,  and “who started it”

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