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Over the years I’ve written, directed and seen all of my plays performed on the professional stage. Some are specific to organisational contexts, set in the world of work. Others explore broader themes. All of them are relevant to themes of life, work, change, happiness, love and meaning. I hope you enjoy them! Contact us if you are interested in booking any to be performed, or if you’d like to make use of a script to perform in one of your own productions. You can find out more at our theatre company web site. Rational Madness.

Clicking on each play title will link you through to the full script.

Plays about Life

Elements Four

This is a quartet of plays. Fire was premiered in 1999 at the Marlborough Theatre, directed by Tanushka Marah from Company Collisions. It went on to play at the Komedia Brighton a year later. Water was premiered also at Komedia and was directed by Periplum’s Clare Raftery. Air and Earth round off the quartet, which take place across the twentieth century with each play a succeeding generation of the same family. They are set in a fictional country in Central-Eastern Europe.





Other plays

The Swastika Party – premiered in Brighton at the Marlborough Theatre 2006, a play about symbols and change (We also created some learning materials for schools).

 Plays about Work

Recycled Dreams was nominated for an Arts & Business Award, and played at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals as well as touring around the UK and Slovenia. It explores sustainability – personal and organisational! You can find out a lot more at the Recycled Dreams Paperless Library.

Bunk was funded by Theatre and Beyond to perform at Brighton’s Pavilion Theatre, directed by  In Toto’s Lou Cope. It’s a play that explores the relationship between art and work, set in the post-war Henry Ford car factory at River Rouge. Here are some questions arising, scene by scene.

Death by PowerPoint – This has performed in different countries but began life in the UK. A play about change and what happens when we ignore the signs, it played the Waterfront in Belfast, as well as in Banff, Canada.

More will be added soon.

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