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I’ve written poetry over the years to explore the personal and social development work I have  been engaged in. Some of the processes at work in personal and organisational life defy description in normal conversational language. Sometimes the metaphorical real is better suited to portray some of the deeper and also “higher” phenomena of our reality. I think music can do that too. So can colour. Being a big-mouth, I find poetry the most easily accessible. I hope you enjoy these.

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The Poems

Poetry of Change

Brighton Sea Walk – a poem about unchange and walking away

Conflict – a poem to ease conflict

Explode Poem – a thought about radical change

Gravity – a look at gravity and lightness

Plop Poem – a poem about instant change

Your Day – the celebration of the day to change

Poetry of Love and Connection

Bamboo – on reaching and connecting

Bell – an erotic poem (adult themes)

Birthday – a birthday wish

Breton – a first meeting

Dogs and Cats – how things can live on in our individual and collective memory

Each Morning – A poem about love and what Kurt Vonnegut called “The Nation of Two”

Further Games – a sensual poem of the game of love

Garlic – a poem by the sea

I dreamed of you – a poem of love and connection

In Real Love – a poem that attempts to define ‘real’ love

In Wildness Anew – love as a way to healing

It Rises – A sudden clear picture of another soul sits at the core of this short poem

Leaves – an erotic poem (adult themes)

Mermaid – finding the way back

Mistral Breaths – a celebration of another

Moments are Falling – the precious moments of love

Shadows –  a sonnet about tentative love

Tears – on healing love

The Part of Me – on friendship and firmness

The Secret Gate – a picture of the different levels of love

Thanks – a poem about friendship and comfort

These Currents – on the offer of togetherness

The Trumpet – a poem about playing out your private life on social media

Valentine – a poem about the “other”

With Warm Concern – the warm dance of new love

Poetry of Nature

In English Hills – a poem of celebration

On Ditchling Beacon – a poem about connecting in nature, on the borders of the human

Pale – a poem about sunset, loss and passion

Slovenian Sunset –  A poem about sunsets, emergence and how the end of the day is the perfect time to let go.

Still your boat – the calm of the water

Summer days –  an evocative poem of summer and solitude

Touching the Dawn – a poem about the wildness of the morning

You’d Love this Rain – the healing effect of rain

Poetry of Self-Development and Spirituality

A Gift of Angels – a poem from further up and further in

A Gift from Departed Parents – a poem from the beyond

A Prayer for Three Eyes – a poem about seeing and insight

At Rosselyn – a poem about insight and escape

Cream Tea – a poem I wrote after being cured

Dogs and Cats – about the afterlife

The Dream – a poem of a vision

Gravity – A poem I wrote to explore the themes of gravity and lightness

Healing Verse – This is a verse that can be used for meditation when you need to heal – physically, emotionally, spiritually

Into This Place – A description of an arfterlife

Poetry of Darkness

Again – A very dark poem about the darkness underneath the smile

A Krajina Coffee Shop – a disturbing view of war

A Moment into Black – a look at those who spoil and how we hold our own

Angels – on the Croatian War

Charges – a sonnet about judgment

Clumsy – on clumsiness

Demoniser – a look at demonising and demonisers

I Fear the Silence – a poem about the power of silence

Kindness – when we are under attack

In Search of Words – on regret and defeat

Into the Grey – a sonnet about doubt

Plundered – a look at selfishness

Reduced to Real -a sonnet  on the cynicism of realism

Slowly – a look of revenge and the tsunami of “karma”

So, now to the conclusion – a poem about darkness dressed up as light

Stinker – a little piece about power and territorialism

Suicide – a dark look at suicide (disturbing)

These Dreams – night time shivers

The Phalanx of Cruelty – about souls who need to attack

To the Test – about anger and passion

Poetry of Life

911 – a poem I wrote on the day the Twin Towers came down

Belsen – a chilling poem about indifference

Brighton in September – seeing life anew

Cleft – a short poem about wholeness

The Clown Poem – when we try to laugh off tragedy

The Cure – a poem about healing

Diluted – a look at compromise

Earth and Stars – a once regular haunt of ,mine

The Edge – a dancing poem

Fish – a strange poem about life and fish

I Tell You –  a feverishly positive rant

Let Go – Do we really need to let go and step back, or rather take hold and go through?

Lullaby – a verse to help you sleep

Mouse – a Christmas poem

Pale – a positive view of sadness

Thanks – a poem of gratitude

Thomas More – a  poem based on the painting by Holbein

Humorous Poetry

Camels – a poem about uniqueness

Cat Poem – a poem about needy relationships

Macbroads – a sordid tale

On the Death of Fred Dibnah – a tribute to the steeple jack broadcaster

Sonnet from Essex – a poem of the playboy

The Turkey Burger – a poem about junk food (contains swearing)

Windersley – a very English poem

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