Quotes Realm


Welcome to my quotes realm, the home of CATS3000 wisdom, learned along the way.

Quotes Collections

Quotes – some of my quotes collected in one place

Some more quotes – from yours truly

Quotes with Commentary 

Ideas that are too bright for their own good – the importance of doubt

The Dangers of Compulsive Light-heartedness – the risks of being compulsively positive

The Golden Value of Confusion – why it is vital to creativity

Past, Present and Future – From Time-Line to Field of Possibility – the importance of looking back in order to properly look ahead

There’s a Stranger who wants to meet you – getting to know yourself

This is the Age when the old become young – the emergence of Generation Z

What Are We Here For? – Our role in life – a light and dark view

What is Conversation Really About? – From telling to asking

Community is a Natural Process – Yet it is the obvious way to self-organise

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