Short Stories

Welcome to my page of short stories.I hope you enjoy them!

Stories of Piran

Set in Piran, Slovenia, this trio of tales can be read on their own.If you want to read them together, you’ll find that a few of the characters overlap.

Does-Doesn’t – A tale of eternal determination

The Catapult of Christ – a story of belief and realisation

Voice of the Lord a tale of possession and finding the voice

Other stories

The Tale of the Fox a nature story, perfect for the fireside

The Tale of the Squirrel – a Christmas tale

Pooh and the Blue Hat – inspired by A.A Mile – a story for adults and children about change

The Flyera story of a piece of paper !

Short Christmas Tales

Each Other – a tale of surprise

The Winter Oak – a little bit of rooted magic

I’ll be adding more in the fullness of time!

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