The Collusion of Mediocrity – The E-Book


Welcome to the emerging e-book on the collusion of mediocrity. Here you’ll find plenty of resources – ideas, articles, and activities related to the collusion of mediocrity.

Chapter 1 What is the Collusion of Mediocrity?

About this book

Background and how the concept emerged in my thinking

Some basic underpinning concepts and ideas

Why do we collude?

Levels of Collusion – a simple model and with quirky notes and here are four tales, one for each level

More on collusion

Collusion – a short theatre piece that captures the essence of the concept

Tired of reading? Listen to a podcast about The Collusion of Mediocrity here (you can download it by right clicking over the player and pressing “save”) – the interview is with John Tomlinson from Trainer Tools.

Chapter 546 –Going Deeper

Collusive Personal and Work Projects – how collusion can undermine change projects

Insipid Positivity – a rather shocking view of how false positivity can be used to actually suppress needed change

Wretched Contentment – a personal and organisational side effect of collusion. Try the self-assessment questionnaire.

Self-collusion – the dangers of inner mediocrity

Chapter 501Perspectives on The Collusion of Mediocrity

Passion and Mediocrity

Compellaboration – the root of mediocrity in organisations?

The New Excellence – collusion and mediocrity in society

The Collusive Awayday – warnings and revelations

Chapter 666 Practical Approaches to collusion busting  – How do we effect real change?

Approach 1  – DAWAW Panels – the role of devil’s advocacy

Approach 2 – Collusion Breaking Questions – a vital checklist

Approach 3 – Naming – a level 1 intervention

Approach 4 – Challenging the status quo – 5 practical tips

Chapter Zero Cases in Collusion

Facade – a case of mediocrity in The Hotel Sector

Chapter 967 Final thoughts

The Inner and Outer Beauty of Mediocrity – why mediocrity is often a necessary part of change and development

The Collusion of Mediocrity Poem

Appendix 44

Mediocritaxa – welcome to the city of mediocrity! Here I explore the concept in humorous depth by creating a guidebook to a land that lives of collusion as a way of life

“Most of society is degenerating into a kind of paralysed, democratic committee. No firm decisions are taken because of the collusion of mediocrity that arises from people fearing to speak any words that might trespass into another’s “personal sacred space”.

“This tiptoeing around the edges of the collective fire of passion results in the fire-flame dying through neglect. It becomes a fire, not of passion, but of mediocrity.

“Eventually this mediocrity becomes the habitual norm and is soon renamed “excellence”. Anyone who questions this “new excellence”, or even challenges it, is either tolerated as a labelled “King’s fool” or, if the challenge is too effective, they are either ejected or annihilated.”

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