The Diversity Realm


Welcome to the Diversity Realm. Here you’ll find writings, thoughts and learning resources related to diversity and human uniqueness.

(Click on a resource below to access it).

The Hidden Diversity Workshop – An outline of a workshop exploring diversity and human uniqueness

Managing Diversity – Hidden and Visible – An overview of hidden and visible diversity

The Real Challenge of Equality and Diversity – What is diversity really about in the field of customer service?

The System Default – The Hidden Diversity Killer – The basic model for hidden diversity

Customer Needs – Known and Hidden – Unwrapping the model of known and hidden diversity

All About Identification – The Diversity Mix – How real customer care responds to individual identity

Diversity Collisions – What happens when one person’s uniqueness conflicts with another’s

Behavioural Flexibility – The Key to Working with Hidden Diversity

Some Killer Diversity Quotes – A collection of powerful and relevant quotes from writers on Diversity

Approaches to Dealing with Difference and Diversity – a practical model and a short theatre scene

Making Hidden Diversities Visible – how to get hidden diversity out into the open

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