The Unconference Realm


Welcome to the Unconference Realm.

This is a companion page to the Open Space realm. Open Space is one of the most established methods of unconferencing, but unconferencing includes a lot more than a single methods. Here you’ll find a growing set of resources on unconferencing – articles, approaches, stories and services.


What is an unconference? – My definition and a few others

Examples of Unconferences – From my own practice and from around the web

Are you ready for an unconference? – My checklist to help you to decide

Unconference Gallery – Some images from my own work as an unconference creator and facilitator and some organised links elsewhere on the web

Unconferencing links and resources – A growing page of links to guides, tips, articles and viewpoints on unconferencing

Articles and Viewpoints

Creating your own unconference – a viewpoint on staying open and flexible

Unconference Quotes – quotes from unconference practitioners that capture its essence

The Real Role of Flip Charts in Unconferences – How flip charts and white paper can be a useful tool for self-organised conversation

What happens when you bring a conference mindset to an unconference? – An article I recently wrote about how a traditional conference mindset can sabotage an unconference

Do you need a facilitator for your unconference? I can help.

I’ll be adding more to this resource page over time. Feedback most welcome.

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