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“I don’t really do coaching or mentoring but my own version of one-one conversation.”

Proper Conversation…

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The One to One Conversation

I am a leadership coach, a life coach, a mentor for changing your life for the better. Have you lost your thread? It might be time to consciously start writing and living your own, unique story. It’s your life, influenced by the world you inhabit, but directed and made by you.

Someone told me, yet again, that I helped change their life for the better. Actually they said it had been transformed. All from a quicker than light art of conversation – listening that manifests big and valuableĀ change.

Most of the sessions I have been asked to undertake have been a mix of mentoring and direct guidance on “process”. I take you safely out of your “comfort zone” and help you learn from doing stuff. There’s no colluding with mediocrity and the focus on reaching potential in life, or in a given situation.

We only offer a limited amount of this service as it is quite energy intensive to do it properly and profoundly. Active and deep listening is quite a drainer!

Paul Levy has mentored senior managers in the public and private sector at director and middle to senior manager level, as well as theatre directors, writers, creative innovators as well as small group sessions all over the world.

The sessions are:

– open and honest

– skilfully and senstively challenging

– based on a mix of intuition and exploring what’s possible

– focused on exploring betterment rather than “solving problems”

– involutionary (exploring what is really involved in an issue or unfolding life/work story)

Where a problem is identified we use a kind of detective work to get to the bottom of it.

Find out more about the power of a helping conversation with Paul Levy and CATS3000.

NEW: Book a One to One Radical Shake Up

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We also offer session in small groups of 3-5 and can also meet virtually using Skype.


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