Facilitation, Away-days and Collusion Breaking

We have a number of clients who enjoy and benefit from our “emergent” and “content-free” skills.


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Check out our new Turnaround Away Day or our Radical Shake Up process.

Our facilitation services range from facilitating team meetings to big-scale vision building and strategy making.

We’ve worked all over the UK and Europe healing teams to find common ground, conferences to create genuine outcomes, conflicts to be properly encountered ans worked through, and blocked teams to become more authentically creative. Services include:

– facilitating meetings

– breaking “collusions of niceness” – getting to real conversations

– helping to create agendas

– helping to design and facilitate away days and strategy making processes

– helping to design and redesign organisations

– helping you out of the gutter

– being a catalyst for creativity

– going through conflict rather than around it

– facilitating personal, group and organisational change

– exorcising demons (basically moving on)

– past, present and future audits


We’ve worked with small and large organisations, in different countries, regions and sectors


The stuff that ends up on our flipcharts is not “false revelation”. We ensure what the sessions produce is anchored in action. It’s all too easy for an away day, a strategy day, a vision day to lack authentic commitment. We focus on ensuring that good intentions and even tentative first steps do not revert and fade back to the original state.

Our facilitation is based on a radical and shocking technique known as “common sense”. It’s very direct, honest and skilful and our many clients book us for follow-up work when they truly need to take a further step, though we go in again reluctantly wishing our clients would bloody well do it for themselves. We put 110% energy into facilitation which leads to the following outcome for CATS3000: it knackers us. CATS3000 facilitation is therefore limited in terms of the amount of time we have available to it. We dive into it, get restless about it, and a good outcome for our clients in terms of non-collusive, real progress is what fires us.

We work with reflection on action, honest dialogue, multi-perspective experiment and exploration, an orientation towards emergent actions and outcomes. We put an organisation or business’s core questions and challenges at the heart of the process, but we’re not afraid to challenge those questions and issues right from the start. We’ve been kicked out for challenging the leaders on their assumptions, but mostly its the reason why companies all over the world, large and small, as well as public organisations, have booked us again and again over the years.

One of our own assumptions is that the status quo, the way things are, is often a comfort zone where a collusion of mediocrity sets in, where people collude with niceness in order to maintain this zone of ease and comfort. To challenge the status quo and the resulting mediocrity that settles like mould on a window pane, requires a breaking of this “collusion”. The secret is to do it in ways where the damage is always less than the longer term benefit gained. Why damage? Because the comfort zone is just that – comfortable, and the breaking of a comfort zone, the dismantling of safe but outdated structures, is often experienced as painful, and called “damaging”. Facilitating the breaking of a collusion of mediocrity is where our skills really lay.

This may all sound a bit serious and intense. And it can be. Change is often painful, transitions can be difficult, honesty is not always experienced as a gift. But our fire also has warmth as it basis, our motive is to help, and we work with passion and humour as well.

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