WATCH: Raising your thinking 3 Initiating Your Own thinking

A broad look at what happens when we neglect our own thinking, and how important it is to be the initiator of our thinking. What happens when most of our daily experience is determined and influenced by the thinking of others and not met with our own active thinking?

WATCH: Raising Your Thinking 2: When our thinking becomes a slave

What happens when our thinking becomes a tool for other people and even corporations? What happens when you are the initiator of your own thinking? This short talk explores how we can let our thinking wither and also how we can recover it and become more free in doing so.

WATCH: Raising your thinking 1

In the first of a series of short reflections, author Paul Levy looks at how to reduce distraction and raise the quality of our thinking. Distraction can be a significant degrader of the quality of our thinking if it takes the form of ongoing distraction, from moment to moment. Digital distraction is a major example….

Let Go

He was full of anger and his friends told him to let it go He was full of regret and his teacher told him to let it go He was full of guilt and his brother told him to let it go He was full of fear and his guide told him to let it…

This is the age when the old become young

It’s become a bit of a cliche to say that children are growing up more and more quickly. Our education system is engaged in an ideological battle between the idea that we should allow children to stay children for as long as possible, and the idea that we need to get them ready for adult…

Notes from a Conversation about Wretched Contentment

A Group Conversation In this 90-minute conversation, we explored whether the performing arts has become a safe, comfort zone and whether this limits our career and personal life opportunities. The session took place at DandD14 on Sunday at 3pm. (Devoted and Disgruntled is an annual open space conference in the UK organised and hosted by…

The Golden Value of Confusion

Confusion can be a wonderful thing. It is a state of mind that most people don’t enjoy, and certainly don’t want to stay in for very long. Confusion can paralyse us from action. We can get lost in it, slowed down by it, depressed by it. Yet it is also possible to be excited by…