Connectedness in theatre work

What have been your experiences of “connectedness”? The concept is an interesting one in life and in the arts. Feeling connected to the world around you. Feeling connected to your fellow friends and family. What does it mean to be “in touch” with yourself? On stage, a cast tends to be in touch when there…

New Naturalism

New Naturalism is a style of acting that takes dramatic material and presents it in a naturalistic style using actors who have, at their root, experience of working life outside of the traditional theatre world. These actors have often come to acting later in life, after a career in other sectors, they may have displaced…

Focus and Gaze in Acting

Introducing Gazing Our gaze into the world can take many different forms as we attempt to grasp and make sense of the reality we find ourselves in. We can take a deep interest in the world attempting to penetrate with our gaze to the very heart of things. Or we can set more store by…


The fourth of four plays exploring for successive generations of a family in a fictional eastern European country. This final one is set in the 1980s. It is a shortest one as the century speeds up. Earth By Paul Levy (Lights up on Davo. He stands in an old house, which is piled with boxes…

Recycled Dreams

Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe 2008, at Roman Eagle Lodge and Legal and General Offices, produced by Skye Crawrod, starred Jenny Rowe, Ross Forder and Doug Devaney, funded by Legal and General.



Part of the quartet, Elements Four, first in the series, but also standalone, set in 1919 Central-eastern Europe. Premiered Komedia, Brighton UK, directed by Tanushka Marah

Self-ish acting

Since the days that that well known theatrical performer Margaret Thatcher claimed that “there is no such thing as society, only individuals”, the concept of individual or “personal” learning has become a widely used term in theatre workshops and courses. “What do you want to get out of the workshop?” “What are your personal objectives?”…


A standalone play, though part of the quartet of plays, Elements for. This is the third, set in the 1950s in Central-Eastern Europe. The others are (in order), Fire, Water and Earth.


Premiered in 2002 at Komedia, Brighton, UK, directed by Claire Raftery from Pear-shaped Performance


Premiered in 2000 at the Pavilion Theatre Brighton UK , as part of Theatre and Beyond’s showcase of new writing, the play starred Peter Ellis from TV’s “The Bill” and Martin Sadler from the film “The Tall Guy”, this is a play that explores the relationship between art and industry