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Welcome to the Working Effectively in Teams Workshop Page.

Here you can find resources for the real art of working collaboratively inside organisations.

Check back here regularly as more resources are added.

An Introduction to Working Effectively in Teams – Paul Levy offers a brief overview of the concept of team effectiveness.

Further Resources


What is a team? Some useful definitions

A model for an effective team process – Here is a practical model for working together on a team project. I developed this with a client in 2017 and it is relevant for many different types of organisation.

Three types of team – Teams can become “broken”. How and what is an idea team type?

What is a conversation really about? In effective teams, we don’t just give our views and opinions, we share the conversation. And that involves real listening.

Team Skills – Some frequently asked questions.

Being Heard in Your Team – How do I ensure that I can make my voice acknowledged and respected in a team?

Dysfunctional Behaviours in Teams – How teams and groups can get into trouble and what to do about it.

Debriefing Your Team – Key questions for reflection on your team’s effectiveness in order to improve it.

A “Natural” View of Teams – This short article takes a look at the natural form of a team and its relation to the concept of “community”.

Exploring Cultural Difference in Teams – Some useful advice and activities

Digital and Face to Face Conversation: The Emerging Skill Set – hosted on Paul Levy’s web site, Digital Inferno

Team working in merger and takeover situations – what happens to teams when our organisation merges with another organisation or is taken over?

A Deep Look at Leadership.


Two of my colleagues, Pete Burden and Rob Warwick, co-authored a book called Leading Mindfully

Much of what they have to say represents a very modern view of leadership in organisations, and also within effective teams.

Listen to Part 1:

Listen to Part 2:

Are you a Team Player?


What does it mean to be a team player? In this audio recording, Paul Levy presents a checklist of questions to ask yourself which, if you are honest with yourself, will help you determine how ready you are to be an effective member of a team.

Team Techniques

Digital StillCamera

Sleeping on Decisions – How really effective teams and groups make controversial and “big” decisions

Involutionary Brainstorming – a radical way for a team to general inclusive ideas

The Six Thinking Hats


A practical way of exploring different roles in teams (External Link, Mindtools). The tool was developed by Edward De Bono, Watch a helpful video here.

More resources will be added in the run up to, and after the workshop session.

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