The Realm of Paul Levy (author of Digital Inferno)and CATS3000 – the home of real innovation

CATS3000 offers learning, innovation, development and facilitation activities and programmes in different sectors, communities and groups, all over the world. We have recently worked in the UK, USA, Denmark, Ireland and Slovenia. We believe that healthful and successful living and working is based on overcoming wretched contentment and challenging the collusion of mediocrity. Workshops, training and development, conversations and creative events, are all part of CATS3000’s portfolio of work with clients all over the world.







Here are all of my writings. My name is Paul Levy, writer,  thinker, facilitator and arts maker, collusion breaker, researcher and tea drinker.

I am the founder of CATS3000 Ltd, based in the UK, its theatre arm, Rational Madness, the theatre reviews site, FringeReview, as well as convener of The Critical Incident. I was Head of Interaction at both the Intranet Benchmarking Forum and  the Digital Workplace Forum where I invented IBF Live . I am also a senior fellow at CENTRIM, University of Brighton in the UK.

You can hear my voice here on the Full Circle Podcast. (on Hacker Public Radio)

This place houses all of my work, from plays and poems, to philosophy, blog posts, articles and reflections.

I hope you find the site useful in your life and work.