How wretchedly content are you?

This is a self-assessment questionnaire that looks at wretched contentment. You can read more about wretched contentment here. (Read it after doing the test)

Score these from 1 – 10 where 1 is “This describes me least” and 10 is “This describes me most”

1. I have enough money (with some on top) but it is mostly focused on meeting my own needs and my closest circle of people around me ___

2. The work I do in life gives me a lot of satisfaction but it wasn’t what I dreamed of doing or it isn’t what I REALLY want to be doing ___

3. My leisure time is fun and enjoyable but it doesn’t really uplift me, energise me, or feed my soul as much as it should ___

4. I have a circle of friends I like and enjoy spending time with, but the conversation tends to recycle itself, and the things we do together are “samey” ___

5. I eat the foods I like, have habits which I enjoy but over the long run these things are not helping me to be physically or emotionally healthy – but I do enjoy them! ___

6. I enjoy different types of culture – films, books, TV., but they tend to be the same types of things – I tend to stick with a few favourites most of the time ___

7. I have access to the latest gadgets and technologies which make life easier for me, but I do not experience natural things or feel the satisfaction of doing some things by my own efforts – I have a sense of always going for the short cut ___

8. I’m heading towards a predictable life story for myself –  it is comfortable, quite challenging, I am enjoying life, but I sense no real talk for myself in life ___

9. I have attitudes and values I am comfortable with in life, rarely challenge myself deeply and don’t really enjoy people or conversations that dig too deeply into Life. ___

10. I have a partner in life I am happy to be with – or I am alone by choice (enjoying my own company) but things feel too safe sometimes – there is stimulation but it’s only good, not great ___


If you scored:

0-25 – you are not wretchedly content – you are either truly content or truly wretched

20-50 – you show some signs of being on the road to wretched contentment

50-75 – you are fairly wretchedly content

75-100 – Congratulations – you are truly wretchedly content, merrily avoiding why you were really put on earth!

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